Home Builders in Islamabad

Home Builders in Islamabad

Home Builders in Islamabad

If you have a plan to build your home. Remember, Asian House Care (Pvt) Ltd is one of the top companies on the list of home builders in Islamabad.

Why we’re in Top Builders List?

First, the way of our work is totally different from our competitors. Second, we believe in quality and innovation. And, We apply the latest construction techniques in your homes. Most Importantly, our team is highly qualified. In addition, we believe in service rather than earning money.

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home builders in islamabad

We have been delivering housing units in Pakistan for a long. Further, we keep an eye on the architectural, and structural work of the house. Additionally, Our team of civil engineers remains vigilant during the critical stages of the structural work. Moreover, our clients have trust in us due to our smart working. 

We follow a time management schedule during all construction stages. Which keeps us updated about the upcoming stages of the work. Further, we keep updating our clients about their projects by sending emails, project images, and videos, etc. Our team members remain in contact with our clients before the next move. Because we discuss every working stage with our clients. 

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Our Area of Service: (Home Builders in Islamabad)

  • Complete Planning, the feasibility of the house, soil testing, etc.
  • Architecture & Structure Design, Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing (EMP) drawings, approval from the relevant society/authority.
  • Construction of home in two-phase; Grey structure & finishing (Both on Turn-key, and Labor basis).
  • Complete Interior & Exterior Designs based on latest international trends
  • Landscaping of home lawns, mini-gardens, parks, etc.

Feel free to contact us for construction of the houses, and related services as described above;

Asian House Care (Pvt) Ltd

Bahria Town, Islamabad-44000, Pakistan

Get in Touch: (+92) 309 777 7117 (WhatsApp)


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