Construction Companies in Islamabad

Construction Companies in Islamabad

Asian House Care (Construction Company):

Asian House Care (Pvt) Ltd is an Islamabad-based construction company. Construction Companies in Islamabad (Pakistan) | AHC, is one of the top-ranking construction companies Islamabad & Rawalpindi. The company is popular in delivering the services by keeping quality, and standards.

The company is in a high-ranking position in the list of Construction Companies in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Construction Companies in Islamabad

On-Going Projects: Construction Companies in Islamabad (Pakistan) | AHC

Currently, our residential projects are running in Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

  • Bahria Town
  • DHA
  • Jinnah Garden

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Up-Coming Projects: Asian House Care | Construction Companies in Islamabad

  • Commercial in Bahria Town Phase 8 (Business District), Rawalpindi
  • 1 Kanal House Remodeling in DHA-II, Islamabad


Our mission is to build a stronger Pakistan. A Pakistan where everyone can enjoy the services with international standards. We’re not involved in a business to earn money. Our mission is based on serving the nation as pride.

Future of Construction in Pakistan:

Pakistan is the fifth populous country in the world. We need one million housing units every year to meet the demand. Our population is growing at a fast pace. So the future of the construction industry in Pakistan is bright. But the one thing which is becoming the need of the hour, the prefabricated construction technology. We are applying old technological methods for construction in Pakistan.

Construction Cost:

Construction cost has become one of the most important factors post-COVID-19. The lockdown is disturbing the supply line of construction items in different parts of the world. The construction cost is increasing day-by-day due to demand & supply issues. So this is the temporary issue the world is facing. But it is affecting the lower middle and middle class of Pakistan.

We apply innovative methods for the construction of a building. We keep in mind the energy-efficiency techniques during the construction process. So the customer can benefit by reducing the size of his amount which go into energy bills.

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